YouTube's 5th birthday - May 2010.Happy Birthday Youtube! Part of the celebration was to officially launch YOUTUBE'S FIVEYEARS CHANNEL.A vibrant and innovative video sharing community. [starttext]

Youtube -The worlds most popular video sharing website is now celebrating it's 5th birthday.And to celebrate their Birthday they have created and officially launched the "YOUTUBE FIVE YEARS CHANNEL" where, you’ll find the “My YouTube Story” project which features people from all over describing how YouTube has changed or shaped their lives.Take part on this anticipated event online!

If Youtube Turns 5, we, a blogspot blog named after the greatest video service in the net and has been using Bloggertube (the first vlog template for blogger inspired by Youtube) has just turned on to cater the best of Youtube Videos focused on Filipino Entertainment.From this day forth we will post Pinoy tv series, Pinoy music videos, Filipino songs, Philippine ghost videos and all that as long as it's available on Youtube.

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